profile-picGood morning, good afternoon, or good evening (whenever you may be reading this). My name is Cassidy and I am thrilled you are here. So let me introduce myself.

I believe God has created passions in our souls that we must follow wholeheartedly. Writing is mine. I believe words have the power to change things and I choose to change things for the good. I am currently a junior at Murray State University (in western Kentucky) studying middle school education (I know you just raised your eyebrows, don’t worry, I’m used to it).

I am surrounded by incredible people. My family and I love to go to Disney World (I’ve been 20 times) because we find beauty in the magic the place creates. My friends and I love to attend a good Racer basketball game, try out new Pinterest meals, and delve into the word over some iced coffee.

When going through life, I tend to pay more attention to the tiny moments and details around me. I ask questions, ponder answers, and often find tremendous beauty in why these little moments are so BIG in my life. Join me in finding BIG reason in the small moments and I hope to encourage you to do the same.


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