Cultivating Authenticity in a World that Says Otherwise

Blog authenticity 2.JPGI take pride in my ability to be real with people. What you see is what you get, sort of thing. I call this authentic living and I believe a mountain of value resides in it. That is why blog writing falls more on the exciting, get my heart racing side of the spectrum than the timid, anxious heart side of the spectrum. This specific type of writing allows me to authentically articulate my ideas and opinions to readers who may or may not agree and to me, that is beautiful. This is one of my talents and I treat it as a blessing because I know not everyone feels this way. I get it; allowing people to see all your quirks, triumphs, and falls brings about a fear of judgment and embarrassment.

First, let’s talk about the obvious. The world we live in tends to persuade people that sameness is better than oneness. Advertisements and media push an image that tells us what we must be to fit in. While working towards being a future middle school teacher, I see the disastrously dangerous effects this has on young minds. As a community, it is important for us to realize that these young minds will soon be the future leaders, workers, and family members of tomorrow and as role models, we decide the habits we choose to pass on. When I fall victim to pursuing sameness, young girls who look up to me will have an internal conversation where they reckon they ought to do what I do too. They will begin to act like the popular girl in school just because it is the “cool” thing to do. She will lose her sense of individuality, the very thing that makes each of us truly beautiful. These images of a disillusioned perfection are not attainable and leave these young minds feeling inadequate. Heartbreaking.

Cue the idea of authentic living. Living bold, loud, and proud to the very fibers that make you, YOU. The passions that awake your soul become a feeling in which you act upon. Standing up for what is right in your heart starts becoming less scary and more confident. Taking pride in your quirks and owning up to your flaws begins to free you from the ropes of this world. Realizing that the girl next to you in the library is pretty awesome, but she is not me. It is my belief that every single human was created uniquely and perfectly and no being was made the same for a very special purpose. The world needs a constant flow of current ideas and thoughts to keep it moving in a healthy direction and our uniqueness allows that.

Most importantly, this idea, if executed, will change the lives of the next generation. The heartbreaking reality of today can not be tolerated and I will devote this blog to changing this cultural mentality. The next generation is depending on us to set an example of how to be true to ourselves, whatever that may be. I am filled to the brim with excitement about the possibilities this will bring.

If you are interested in authentic living and the joys that come from it after the initial anxious skip of the heart, then keep reading. If you don’t want to join this journey, best wishes and keep shining! I plan to restructure my blog around the joys, trials, and victories that come from authentic living while sharing ways that I become better in tune with the soul that lives inside of me. Woohoo!


2 thoughts on “Cultivating Authenticity in a World that Says Otherwise

  1. Judy Graham says:

    As old as I am, I still have a problem with who I really am. For New Year’s, I biggest thing was to stop letting others define who I am. My prayer is to fine her soon. I so enjoy your writing, so wise for so young. Keep up the good work, blessings in your journey


    • cassidyhalen says:

      I am so thrilled to hear from you! I always remember your big, infectious smile and warm hugs. I am so thankful for you! Authenticity is really hard and a little scary but I know if we all work together, we can achieve it. Best wishes!!


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