The Commonality Between Mr. Trump & I


The problem I have with Mr. Trump does not parallel with what others before me have stated. I am not going to reiterate the many complaints that have been spoken by people in this country even though I have voiced them in the past. I would be nothing but a noisy gong if I were to rant on all of the things that I see unfit from both sides of the political platform with this upcoming transition of power.

The problem that I have with Mr. Trump is his stubborn heart. Through the ups and downs of this election season, an air of negativity has shrouded our country from the greatness we have lodged deep within its core. Trump has failed to see the beauty of coming together as a collective body of adversity to fix the problems that we all have added to. In the bible, the idea of stubbornness weaves its way throughout the book of Jeremiah. God’s people had chosen to follow godless standards and look to worldly hopes. The lord says,

“Instead, they have followed the stubbornness of their hearts.” Jeremiah 9:14

As this passage reveals, people and leaders alike have struggled with the stubborn, beating hearts that lay inside them; the heart that drives actions, opinions, responses. In Jeremiah, these stubborn people found misery and darkness. When Trump retaliates to comments directed toward him, he is losing sight of the true reason he is in office. Meryl Streep gave her Golden Globes speech and called Mr. Trump out. Trump let the opinion of others get to him when he should instead be focusing all of his energy in furthering this country in a positive manner. His stubborn heart beat loudly. Mr. Trump is not in office to make everyone see the way he does. When accepting the office of president of the United States, he is putting the success and future of the country before his popularity. The office of president calls for a leader who will bring opposing views to a common space, to foster the hope in adversity, and to encourage the people to act for the good.


Is it fair of me to say that only Mr. Trump, a human much like me and you, is the only one with a stubborn heart? Just because he is the forefront of media doesn’t mean I have any right as a fellow human to judge him. No. I am broken, stubborn, and just as lost as Trump. We all are. Stubborn hearts with worldly desires beat inside each of our bodies. All of us have had slip ups of judgment and character. But the situation changes when we factor in Jesus. Jesus brought grace. He brought a renewing, a rebirth, of our stubborn hearts. In Him, we have a way to overcome the sin and hopelessness of our world and become something greater. We have a way to make the beat of our heart resonate grace and love, something this world desperately needs regardless of your belief/faith.

Only God has the power to nudge each and every one of us down the path of grace, compassion, and love. What I do have control over, however, is the mindset and action I take over these next couple years. I will pray for Mr. Trump and his stubborn heart. I will pray for God to guide his heart to align with love and hope. But that is not enough. I will pray for all of our stubborn hearts, that we may work on leading a grace-driven life before calling out mistakes in others. Most importantly, I will act. I will be conscious of when my heart can’t seem to want to do the right thing and I will mindfully change my action. I will listen to God and trust in His leading. I will act daily to bring rays of God’s love to the world around me so that others may experience this glorious love of Jesus. Because,

“Lord, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps.” Jeremiah 10:23

So, Mr. Trump, you and I are very different. But we also share one huge commonality. So I guess we are much more the same than I realized. And realizing that will truly make America great again.


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