The Lord Gave Me Joy

Over a year ago, I decided to make an account on WordPress and write about my journey to happiness. As you can probably tell, I did not post much. As I began looking for things to write about, I quickly realized that there was so much around me to be genuinely happy about and being myself, I got overwhelmed by the myriad of choices to write about. I found my college best friends, I switched my major, I got involved on campus. I filled my time with things that I enjoyed and that left me no time to write. Looking back, something happened in 2015 that I did not expect… I found joy.

happiness– a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy

Life provided me with journey that taught me how to fully embrace not only the circumstances around me, but also myself. Throughout this year, I regained my close and vital relationship with the Lord, something that I was so desperately needing during 2014. And here lies the answer to my question posed where we left off over a year ago.

Where would I find happiness and how could I get more of it?

My indescribable happiness and peace is found in my God because only he can provide me with the everlasting joy that can overcome all earthly circumstances. I realized that because of Him, I was meeting all the great people around me, I was serving others whole heartedly, I was taking care of myself. I catch myself saying, “I wish I would have thought of this brilliant idea sooner.”

But that wouldn’t have fit the plan that God had for me. My valley provided me with insight into what true joy meant: joy is finding the comfort and peace in life even through the valleys because it makes me appreciate the mountains that much more. Joy is dancing in the thunderstorms knowing that the Sun is still there even if it doesn’t appear that way. Because I know that my God is with me even in the cloudiest of times.

I am alight with ideas and burning to share them with the world. My calling is to change the world with words and I am ready to do just that. I am starting this blog journey again and I hope you join me on the journey of exploring all of life’s adventures through the lens of the Lord’s joy.


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