Recognizing Greatness.

If you are a Carroll, you are expected to be a New England Patriots fan through and through. We are not bandwagon fans; we don’t give up on our guys when times get rough. In light of the recent Super Bowl win (HECK YEAH!!!!) and the constant controversy, I have learned some valuable things from my team.

The Deflategate has been talked about nonstop since the morning after the Colts lost to us and boy am I tired of it! Negativity is all it is and that’s one thing the world does not need more of! Just yesterday, it was quietly (I mean very quietly) reported that only one ball out of the 11 was under inflated a significant amount while the others were just a few ticks under. The Patriots have told the media that they had no knowledge of this incident and I believe them 100%. The team achieved a huge goal in getting to the big game but they were not allowed to focus on their success because people could simply not recognize their greatness.

I’ve seen this phenomenon in many things in my life growing up and am used to the constant negativity thrown on great people by the ones who aren’t happy with their success. The Patriots persevered with integrity, positivity, and clear minds and thus rose to the call to greatness: Super Bowl Champions!

I think if we could all take a minute to recognize talent, achievement, integrity, and good people, we would all live a much more purposeful life. Just because someone achieves through adversity does not mean that they are cheaters… it means they have greatness in them. We can all learn from this incident whether you love the Pats or not:

  • Ignore the naysayers.
  • Have faith in your team, even when it looks like all hope is lost.
  • Everyone has potential; we just have to recognize it.
  • Brady is the king.
  • Stand behind your guys through thick and thin.
  • FAITH again.
  • Don’t put others down (or try to punch them down) when they rise to greatness.
  • “We are all Patriots!” Robert Kraft


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