The Snowball Effect

Sunday night, I headed back to Murray for my second semester of college after a very relaxing and much needed break. Needless to say, the excitement was nonexistent. Leave my family? Rather not. Leave my best friends? I’ll take a raincheck. Leave my own bed and shower? Nope. But the trip was inevitable and I simply had to suck it up and drive. The see you laters were hard and the drive was long but as I arrived back in the campus parking lot, I felt weirdly calm. As this week has progressed, I have been intentional in my activities and smart about my time which has resulted in…. wait for it…. enjoying myself!!! Let’s all do a little dorky dance like I am.

Nothing has magically changed at MKY and there was no magic spell that I put on the campus. This happiness is all because of me. I am choosing to only do activities that benefit me, even if they aren’t fun at the time (homework). I’ve realized something very important in this first week back, college is what you make of it. Any college can be unappealing if you choose to see ONLY the unappealing parts. So my challenge in moving forward is to keep opening up new doors down here and trying new things while keeping ahead of my schooling because that truly makes me happy. In conclusion, I’m going to leave myself with a list I can look back on when I need some happy ideas, and maybe, you can take stuff away from it too. Here is what helped me be happy this first week:

  • Getting to class early so I don’t feel rushed and scattered.
  • Cleaning my room (yes mom. i need to apply this at home).
  • Eating Fazolis.
  • Setting aside time every night to eat with a close friend and have catch up talks.
  • Taking almost all Education classes!!
  • Going to the gym every night.
  •  Spin class (i feel good after the fact…not during).
  • Communicating with my people back in Henderson.
  • Reading/studying my bible every night before bed.
  • Snickers.
  • Not procrastinating on my To-Do list no matter how bad I want to scroll Instagram.
  • Filling my nap times with productive activities; crossing off my To-Do list.
  • Going to bed earlier then midnight! 

I kind of see happiness as a snowball. Once you have the beginnings of it and then roll it down a hill, its hard to stop it from not growing into something far grander. Happiness starts with ME. If I can create the beginning, little snowball, everything else seems to fall into place!


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