Speak Boldly: Applying Acts 18:9

Silence has been a word running through my mind in this past season of life. I have pondered its deepest meaning, emptiness, and peace while noticing the times when others choose this lack of sound over voice. Me, on the other hand, have found that I have been creating a wider expanse between silence and me, … Continue reading Speak Boldly: Applying Acts 18:9


Take a Hike, Doubt.

Exploring. Such a simple word that has come to hold great meaning for life as we know it. Explorers brought the first people to the continent of North America (let it be clear I am referring to the people who crossed the Bering Land Bridge). They were pioneers not sure of the journey ahead but confident … Continue reading Take a Hike, Doubt.

Iron Sharpens Iron: Relationships

As iron sharpens iron, so one sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17 "Surround yourself with good people Cassidy, you'll be surprised of the consequences if you don't." My parents said this to me every so often while growing up and it became a prominent lesson taught in my household. This lesson seemed pretty obvious and I never … Continue reading Iron Sharpens Iron: Relationships

What a Succulent Taught Me About Growth

I think plants are so cool!!! (I bet this is the dorkiest blog introduction you've ever seen; you're welcome.) But really, I am fascinated by the biological and ecological composition of the natural world around me because, to me, it shows the work of the greatest artist there is. Plants can grow in the weirdest, … Continue reading What a Succulent Taught Me About Growth

Secret: Building up others will, in turn, build you up

Mondays are just plain hard aren't they? Although you may love what you are doing (you deserve to), Monday’s are tricky to initially get started. Ironically, I am starting my new job today at a local realtors office and am experiencing all kinds of emotions: excited for the possibilities, anxious for the unknown, and a bit … Continue reading Secret: Building up others will, in turn, build you up